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With the experience of hundreds of gigs I'll make your dinners even better. Man and wooden guitar, natural charisma, suitably humor, and hundreds of songs software. Here we go for stay good together.


Vetle Nærø is an Norwegian pianist and composer born in Oslo 28. February in 2000. At the age of five, he moved to Ålesund where he got an early introduction to the piano.

At the age of nine he started taking classical piano lessons, and his passion for music occurred when he discovered the music of composers such as Chopin and Rachmaninoff, but later also composers from the Contemporary classical genre such as Philip Glass, Olafur Arnalds and Jean-Michel Blais. These are the influences that created Vetle Nærø’s philosophy in music and musical style: His music is emotionally direct and honest, and is meant to provoke and make the listeners feel. Vetle Nærø’s philosophy and goal is to convey feelings and thoughts through his music, to perform and compose emotionally spontaneous music directly from the heart, which is simple and can be understood by anyone.
Besides being a composer, Vetle Nærø also has a vastly flexibility in playing different genres as an improvising pianist. He has a lot of experience from playing with bands, with vocalists and also has his own jazz trio.
In 2018, Vetle Nærø released his first album in the Contemporary classical genre, called «By Heart». By Heart is an album including 12 original piano compositions, all based around the idea that music should be expressed from our heart, from the purest and most honest version of ourself.

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